Εξωσωματική Γονιμοποίηση Fertilia by Genesis
Take your fertility
journey with us


An all-embracing fertility journey at Fertilia by Genesis

From the beginning to the end. For you! With you! Now, Genesis, the biggest Private Gynaecology, Maternity and Surgical Hospital in Northern Greece, takes care of you throughout your journey to motherhood. From fertility testing to investigation to treatment to in vitro fertilization to prenatal testing to childbirth, we provide you with a unique range of services at competitive prices and upgrades!

All procedures are carried out within the state-of-the-art facilities of Genesis Hospital (one-stop shop). Now, you can place your trust with an institution that holds the extensive experience and expertise of more than 50,000 deliveries over the last 10 years!

For more information, please contact Mrs. Anastasia Ziokou at +30 2310 984585 or ask our Reception Desk at Genesis.

To benefit from our special prices/services, all procedures listed below must be carried out at Genesis Hospital and/or Fertilia by Genesis:

  • Male & female fertility panel and genetic testing
  • Hysteroscopy or laparoscopy to treat female infertility
  • Hysterosalpingography (a special x-ray for female infertility)
  • Female hormone panel – a special test to support the application submission to the Greek IVF Committee
  • IVF cycle carried throughout at Fertilia
  • 2nd IVF cycle (when needed)
  • Prenatal testing
  • Level I and II ultrasound or amniocentesis
  • Childbirth at Genesis Hospital

Why choose Fertilia by Genesis

Fertilia is part of Genesis, the biggest Private Gynaecology, Maternity and Surgical Hospital in Northern Greece, offering high quality and a wide range of women’s health services. Genesis is the first mixed (maternity – gynaecology – surgical) private hospital in the greater region of Thessaloniki.

  • more than 30% of deliveries in Thessaloniki take place in Genesis;
  • 7,000 inpatients per year;
  • 7,000 outpatients per year;
  • 30,000 diagnostic procedures per year.

Our scientific personnel is staffed with highly educated physicians and embryologists trained abroad, holding extensive, robust experience in Reproductive Medicine and delivering high success rates.

Our state-of-the-art lab is brand new and fully equipped with cutting-edge technology. Fertilia by Genesis is a long-term investment of Genesis Private Hospital, aiming to become the #1 IVF Center.

We provide 24/7 patient support. You can contact our physicians and embryologists at any time you may need support and medical assistance. In addition, our scientific team will provide you with continuous updates throughout your fertility journey. We fully understand all your questions and concerns with compassion.

Our pricing is highly competitive. Fertilia by Genesis is a one-stop shop, i.e. the whole process can take place within the premises of Genesis Hospital, thus, lowering the cost of your treatment even further.

We deliver! Both our mission and vision is to walk down fertility lane hand in hand, jointly working in your effort to parenting with compassion, love and understanding, and always with the assistance of our cutting-edge technology equipment.

Your trust empowers us.