What’s your egg count?

Your doctor will calculate your egg count based on the results of your blood tests for AMH (anti-Müllerian hormone). AMH is a hormone secreted by granular cells of small follicles that are present in the ovaries. ΑΜΗ expresses the ovarian reserve. Its count is not associated with the day of your cycle.

Vaginal ultrasound and antral follicle count in the ovaries are also performed to check the ovarian reserve. The ovarian reserve represents your egg count and is a diagnostic tool for estimating the number of oocytes (eggs) present in the ovaries. The more eggs are produced in the ovaries, the more eggs are released in each menstrual cycle. Checking the ovarian reserve helps your gynecologist decide on both the ovarian stimulation protocol and the hormonal therapy dosage applicable to your case.

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