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The journey to give birth to a new life begins by receiving physical or online consultation with a Fertility Specialist of the Fertilia IVF Centre.

Initial consultation

On the day of your initial consultation, a Fertility Specialist will obtain your complete medical history and will thoroughly review all your fertility test results. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss all available fertility treatment techniques and address any considerations for your case with the Specialist, who may ask you to undergo further testing or have a special ultrasound scanning.

Please note that all fertility testing is performed at the state-of-the-art labs located within the premises of the GENESIS Private Hospital.

Usually, patients attend a second consultation with the Fertility Specialist to assess the results of any new tests and exams before they can reach a final decision on their fertility treatment plan, which is thoroughly discussed with the Fertility Specialist. Throughout your communication with your doctor, you will also receive consultation from Fertilia by Genesis’s highly qualified Embryologists, who staff our cutting-edge IVF Centre.

You are not alone in your fertility journey

Fertilia’s midwifery and nursing personnel will be happy to guide you through all practical aspects of implementing and adhering to your individualized treatment protocol as well as provide you with all the advice you need in using your fertility medications.

After you start your fertility treatment, all follow-ups by our medical personnel will take place at the Fertilia IVF Centre. At every stage of your treatment, your attending doctor and Fertilia’s embryologists and nursing personnel will be available to you to address any issues, considerations, or concerns you may have.

By placing your trust with Fertilia, you become members of the big family of GENESIS Private Hospital, thus enjoying top-quality healthcare services and advantages, even after the pregnancy is achieved.

GENESIS, the largest private Maternity Hospital in Northern Greece, and Fertilia by Genesis, the most modern IVF Centre, join forces with you to make your dream come true.

Our IVF Centre is located at a 15-minute distance from Thessaloniki International Airport and only at a 10-minute distance from downtown Thessaloniki.

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