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International Patients

Our new International Patients Department at Fertilia by Genesis delivers prompt, effective management and comprehensive services to all IVF patients from abroad.

As part of the biggest Private Gynaecology, Maternity and Surgical Hospital in Northern Greece, which is certified to meet the strictest international healthcare accreditation standards (Temos), we provide comprehensive support to all our patients and their families at every step of their treatment process.

Most of our employees are fluent speakers of foreign languages and they put all their efforts to deliver the best outcome possible as well as to provide you the best experience possible.

See the list of International Patients services provided at Fertilia by Genesis:

  • Thorough and comprehensive information for and throughout your fertility journey
  • Individualised treatment cost estimation
  • Full details on your consultation and appointment procedures
  • Facilitation of treatment and follow-up procedures in the best way possible
  • Interpreting services
  • High quality nursing care
  • Follow-up services